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Inspired by nature, maker in wood.


About the designer

I am a designer/maker, based in Buckinghamshire. All products are designed, hand crafted and packaged by myself from my workshop in High Wycombe. Similarly, all wood used is cut by myself, foraged from local woodlands. My ethos is to create simple but beautiful products that utilise, rather than produce, waste. 

About the products

Geoff’s work uses the natural forms found in woodlands to make beautiful and sustainable products. As each trook (the natural forks created by trees as they grow) is truly unique, no two products are identical. Using traditional woodworking techniques, I transform twigs and branches obtained from nearby woods into a range from hooks and tabletop dustpan and brushes to whistles, catapults and skipping ropes. Rich in natural texture, each item is as pleasing to view and hold, as it is functional.


Coppiced Wood

All wood is foraged by Geoff himself, cut by hand, then taken back to his studio where he applies self-taught woodworking techniques to transform his findings in to functional and aesthetically pleasing products. All wood used is produced either by fallen trees, or those which require coppicing. Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which involves the cutting back of young trees to stimulate growth and allow more light to reach the woodland floor.

As all wood takes advantage of natural wastage, Geoff’s products tread lightly on local eco-systems.

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